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What I Ate Wednesday #11: A Solo Weekend

What I Ate Wednesday #11 - a solo weekend

Good morning and welcome to another edition of What I Ate Wednesday! The meals featured in today’s post were from two Saturdays ago. The husband was away on a work trip to Northern Ontario, so it was just me, myself and I all weekend long.

I usually love time alone.  Catching up on reading is my favourite way to pass solo time.  Novels, magazines, cookbooks, blogs, newspapers…you name it.  Documentaries and podcasts are good too.  But after a while it’s like: ok, I’ve got that out of my system.  Now let’s do something!

When my husband is away, I tend to gravitate toward stuff he would hate – ha!  So last Saturday I hit the farmers’ market and Goodness Me, then went home to make a batch of roasted yellow pepper and tomato soup and these quinoa paella foil packs with my finds. Later in the afternoon I did a quick thrift store drop-off and then returned home to organize all of the tools and painting stuff lying around from our renovations. The house is all spic and span now!

Looking back at the photos from this edition of WIAW, the day’s meals look a little light.  I don’t remember feeling especially hungry that day, but there were definitely tastings from the day’s food photo shoots in there which I didn’t photograph.

Here’s the re-cap of my meals that day:

Breakfast – a fruit smoothie made with strawberries, bananas and almond milk plus a cup of tea.

What I Ate Wednesday #11 - a solo weekend

Lunch – a bowl of the yellow roasted pepper and tomato soup post-photo shoot and a whole grain English muffin spread with hummus.

What I Ate Wednesday #11 - a solo weekend

Dinner – a plate of quinoa paella made with chicken breast, shrimp, chorizo and peas.  Water to drink.

What I Ate Wednesday #11 - a solo weekend

Snacks – a slice of leftover frozen pizza from the night before.  Fridays are usually pizza night, whether we order in, make our own or cook one from frozen.  With the husband away, there were inevitably leftovers which carried through the weekend.  Later in the evening I had another cup of tea.

What I Ate Wednesday #11 - a solo weekend

What I Ate Wednesday #11 - a solo weekend

Well that does it for today’s edition of WIAW!  Check out some of my recent WIAW posts here.

Looking for more candid snapshots of other food bloggers’ meals? Head over to Peas and Crayons, the creator of the What I Ate Wednesday link-up I participate in.  She has hundreds of WIAW posts in the archives to browse through!

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  • Alyssa @ RenaissanceRunnerGirl June 3, 2015, 7:51 am

    I definitely picked up the evening cuppa habit whilst at Oxford, (and also the five o’ clock habit, and elevenses…)

  • Cookie Yi June 3, 2015, 12:58 pm

    My hubby was away last weekend too and I loved having the house to myself! Unlike you I don’t cook AT ALL when I’m home alone. I pretty much live off of wine and cheese! LOL

  • Ashley @ A Lady Goes West June 3, 2015, 3:44 pm

    Hello Jennifer! I definitely eat different things for dinner when my husband is away as well. Usually a breakfast item for dinner, because he is not that into it like I am! And your eats look delicious! :) Happy WIAW to you!

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