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What I Ate Wednesday #10: Work It

What I Ate Wednesday #10

Happy What I Ate Wednesday! I don’t know what it is about sharing your food choices for a full day, but it gets me excited!

The best part isn’t posting my own meals (though that’s fun too).  It’s getting to see other bloggers’ eats.  I always get at least one new meal idea from it to use in my own life, which is helpful when boredom strikes or I’m looking to change things up.  Here’s a link to previous WIAW posts via Peas and Crayons if you’re interested in getting inspired too!  Check out my previous WIAW posts here.

Now on to today’s edition of WIAW.  The meals featured here were from last Thursday, a run-of-the-mill day at the office. Working in marketing no two days are alike, which keeps things fresh and fun.  No boredom here!  On this particular day I spent the morning catching up on emails, putting the finishing touches on one of our trade shows and sitting through meetings.  In the afternoon I helped shoot a video for an upcoming project.  Then more email!

From a meal perspective, here’s how the day went…

Breakfast: an egg and bacon English muffin breakfast sandwich and a black coffee from Tim Horton’s.  Yeah, I hit up the drive-thru.  Not a usual choice for a weekday, but I was going in to work an hour earlier than usual and wanted something substantial to power through the morning.  That was my excuse, anyway.


WIAW-10 - Coffee

Lunch: a whole grain tortilla stuffed with oven roasted turkey, mustard, lettuce and a few spoonfuls of hummus with a glass of water to drink.  On the side was some lettuce (I guess you could call it a salad, though I was just aiming to use up the rest of the bag of lettuce) and a container of coconut Greek yogurt.  No green tea today…wasn’t feeling it.

I had a date with the gym after work <3 and guzzled three quarters of my big water bottle during the class.  Today’s workout was an upper and lower body strength training class with cardio intervals (tabata style) mixed in.


Dinner: stir-fried tofu and vegetables with whole grain spaghetti noodles and water to drink.  Our fridge is broken at the moment (an old problem has resurfaced, causing stuff to freeze…not good for fresh vegetables!) but I managed to whip up this dish using frozen peas and carrots.  The tops of the green onions weren’t usable, but I was able to salvage the rest.  The sauce is a mixture of soy sauce and sriracha.  This is the kind of meal I wouldn’t serve to someone else but is so delicious I can’t get over it!

WIAW #10 - dinner

Evening snack: two of these popsicles. At only 50 calories each, they’re great to munch on while watching TV.  I’m hoping to make real fruit popsicles this summer (like the ones I pinned to my spring and summer recipes Pinterest board).  If I get around to it, I’ll be sure to post the recipe on my blog.  Or I can put sliced fruit in my malfunctioning fridge and see what happens…they’ll probably turn into popsicles anyway!  I had about two more glasses of water in the evening too (including one just before bed).

WIAW #10 - snack

 Well that does it for today’s edition of WIAW!  Again, the day could’ve used more vegetables and breakfast wasn’t the most nutritious thing in the world.  Still, WIAW is about full disclosure so there it is!

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  • Arman @ thebigmansworld May 20, 2015, 1:03 pm

    Ahhhh a delicious day of eats- Hi 5 to breakfast sandwiches!

  • Jillie May 20, 2015, 1:55 pm

    It’s the perfect time of year for popsicles. My favorite are these red, white and blue firecrackers – they’re completely horrible for you, but they bring me back to childhood – purple mouths and all! Thanks for sharing :)

  • Emily May 21, 2015, 1:16 pm

    Breakfast sandwiches seem to be where it’s at for bloggers around this time. I think I need to get on the train.

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