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Sunday links + the week in review

Fennel salad

Boy did this week fly by!  I’ll keep today’s post short-ish because frankly I have a lot of laundry to do and  weekend food prep to tackle :P

Links I’m loving this week:

  • Recipe: one-pot chicken adobo with coconut rice {Kiwi and Bean} – you can’t beat one-pot meals, and this one has a vibrant mixture of flavours that elevate it beyond the typical weeknight chicken dish.
  • Recipe: vegan taco bowl {The Humble Plate} – yup, vegan Mexican-inspired game day food can be done!
  • One-week meatless meal plan {Oh My Veggies} – I’ve been following these weekly meal plans for a while now and they always give me new ideas to try at home.  Stop by if you’re looking to eat more plant-based meals!

A few little things I did this week:

  • Aside from Friday’s fast food lunch at the Burger’s Priest in Guelph, I made a solid week’s worth of healthy work lunches for my husband and I that were not the least bit boring! High fives all around. Among the highlights were a fennel salad with sunflower seeds (pictured above) and leftovers from Wednesday’s dinner: a lasagna-like veggie casserole made with layers of tomato sauce, crumbled veggie ground round seasoned with herbs and spices, ricotta cheese, mixed vegetables and some melted mozzarella on top.  On Instagram? Follow me at jennifer_andrews for healthy weeknight meal ideas that usually don’t require a recipe.
  • Redesigned my blog header (and sidebar picture and favicon) because I noticed the thin script font wasn’t showing up well on mobile.  The new font is Lobster which I’ve been digging lately, but it might be a little too…I don’t know.  A little too something!  Anyway, let me know if you like or don’t like it :)
  • Finally completed a full week of regular workouts after the holidays.  It’s nice to be back in the groove with what I think is a pretty balanced regimen.  Here’s what my current routine looks like:
    • Sunday > cycle class (1 hour) incorporating sprinting drills, hills and climbs.
    • Monday > barre class (1 hour), a challenging but rewarding mix of dance-inspired movements, core exercises and light dumbells for upper body work.  By far my favourite class because it’s so fun!
    • Tuesday > deepwork (1 hour), a full-body cardio/strength fusion class built on explosive moves using your own body weight…think squat jumps, jumping lunges, speed skaters.  There are also some planks and mountain climbers in there.
    • Wednesday > rock bottom (1 hour), a tough but worth-it strength training class filled with different kinds of lunges, squats, dead lifts and core exercises with moderate to heavy dumbells or barbell.
    • Thursday > body sculpt (1 hour), a full-body strength training class with heavy weights and lower reps than my other classes.  Definitely the most challenging of my routine.
    • Friday > barre class (same as Monday, 1 hour).  A fun way to kick off the weekend!
    • Saturday > rest day or some light yoga if I’m feeling the need to move.

That’s all for today!  I hope your Sunday is treating you well.

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