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Sunday links + the week in review

Vegan ginger molasses cookies | www.ricottaandradishes.com

It’s Sunday, which means it’s time for another round of food-themed links, plus a few of the little things I did since last Sunday.  Life’s just full of those “little things,” isn’t it?

Links I’m loving this week:

A few things I did this week…

  • Completed Christmas shopping round one!  Just a few more things to go and then on to gift wrapping.
  • Revamped a few posts from my old blog so that I can continue publishing throughout the hectic holiday season (these antipasto skewers were one of them).  Watch for another one later this week – it will be my first dessert post on this blog!
  • Baked a batch of ginger molasses cookies.  I used my Grandma Margaret’s recipe from our family cookbook but substituted whole wheat flour for white and coconut oil for shortening.  They turned out ok, but definitely weren’t as good as hers.
  • Did some early brainstorming for January blog topics.  On the list so far: a clean eating cheat sheet; tips on stocking a healthy pantry; one or two winter salad recipes; and some sort of pizza since I make them often but haven’t featured any on this blog yet.  I’m hoping to write a good chunk of these posts on our family trip to Curacao in a few weeks, but we’ll see how realistic that is.

That’s all for today!  Stay tuned for some holiday recipes coming this week and next.

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