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14 refreshing smoothies, chilled drinks and cocktails to keep you cool this summer

14 refreshing smoothies, chilled drinks & cocktails to keep you cool this summer | www.ricottaandradishes.com

Whether you’re spending the dog days of summer by the pool, at the cottage or in your own backyard, one thing that’s guaranteed to make the experience more enjoyable is a cold, thirst-quenching drink.  It doesn’t have to be boozy (though that’s good too!).  Fruit smoothies, naturally flavoured waters and chilled coffee and tea drinks are just as refreshing on a hot day as an icy cold beer.

I don’t get around to posting many drink recipes on this blog, but I know you guys love getting ideas!  So I’ve put together a roundup of delicious and refreshing smoothies, chilled drinks and cocktails from some of my fellow food bloggers to keep you cool this summer.  Scroll through the list, find one you like and then click through to get the recipe.


Watermelon green tea refresher {The Busy Baker}

Can you think of anything healthier or more refreshing than the simple combination of watermelon, green tea and lime juice?  I sure can’t.  Kinda wish I came up with it :)

Sparkling strawberry lime whiskey smash {She Eats}

If you’ve read Kristy’s blog before, you’ll know that she really, really digs bourbon. In this drink she combines it with fresh organic strawberries, lime juice, soda water and–wait for it–salt caramel syrup.  If that isn’t an invitation to get your drinking on, I don’t know what is!

Strawberry lime whiskey smash via She Eats

Photo courtesy of She Eats | www.sheeats.ca

Easy iced coffee {Nugglemama’s Handful}

I got into iced coffee a few years back when my parents lived in Rhode Island, but these days you can get it just about anywhere.  To make it at home, follow these instructions from Julia and you’ll be sipping chilled coffee in no time.

Vegan strawberry mint chip smoothie {Love Me, Feed Me}

If you’re a smoothie fan, you’ll love the twist that Leah incorporates into this recipe: cacao nibs.  They’re blended into tiny pieces along with the nondairy milk, banana, strawberries and fresh mint leaves to form a creamy, dessert-like (but super healthy) smoothie.

Vegan strawberry mint chip smoothie via Love Me, Feed Me

Photo courtesy of Love Me, Feed Me | www.lovemefeedme.net

Watermelon mint frosty {The Taste Space}

This pretty-in-pink drink, made with frozen watermelon, mint and lime juice, is the perfect antidote to scorching hot weather.  Whip up a batch, grab a good book and enjoy out on the patio.

Medias de seda {Well Fed, Flat Broke}

The name of this drink was enough to intrigue me, but once I read the unexpected combination of ingredients I knew it was a must-try.  Inspired by a trip to Mexico, this creamy cocktail combines gin, crème de cacao, grenadine and cream.

Blueberry gin fizz {One Tough Cookie}

This beautiful sparkling cocktail has the Northern Ontarian in me shouting yes, yes, yes!  If you’re lucky enough to have access to wild blueberries, then go pick some and make this summery drink right now.  All you need is a little gin, lime juice, mint, club soda and sugar.

Blueberry gin fizz via One Tough Cookie

Photo courtesy of One Tough Cookie | www.toughcookieblog.com

Strawberry balsamic shrubs {Beth Dunham}

Fresh strawberries, balsamic vinegar and sugar mix and mingle in a bowl to create a flavour-rich non-alcoholic drink that you can mix with soda or sparkling wine.  This recipe takes a bit of time and planning, but if you’re as enticed by the recipe as I am, then you’ll give it a whirl this summer!

Classic Caesar

In my opinion, summer isn’t really summer without at least one Caesar.  The Canadian staple is easy to make and just perfect for sitting out on the dock with family and friends.  You can buy them pre-made in cans these days, but homemade is best.

Classic caesar cocktail | www.ricottaandradishes.com

Blueberry mojito {Bakers Beans}

The words blueberry and mojito should be enough to inspire you to make this gorgeous and refreshing cocktail.  The rum will have you feeling like you’re in the Caribbean, while the blueberries scream Canadian summer.  How’s that for a winning combination?

Sparkling mocktail {Fuchsia Freezer}

Let’s face it: sometimes you need a good mocktail recipe in your arsenal.  This one, made with cranberry juice, pineapple juice and peach sparkling water, is simple to throw together but definitely a crowd-pleaser.  Perfect for the cottage when blending up fresh fruit just isn’t possible.

Berry rosé sangria {Dish ‘n’ the Kitchen}

Rosé already has summer written all over it, but add some fresh in-season berries and a beautiful pitcher and you’re all set for patio season.  Sangria is a party drink, so call some friends over and sip it until it’s gone.

Watermelon smoothie {Food Doodles}

If you’ve never thought to blend up fresh, juicy watermelon in a blender and then drink it, you can thank Heidi for this idea.  My thirst is quenched just reading the instructions.  It’s also the perfect solution for using up the rest of that gigantic watermelon you bought (happens to the best of us!).

Sapota (chickoo) smoothie {My Culinary Adventures}

The sapota (or chickoo) fruit is completely new to me, but I was so intrigued by this Indian-inspired recipe that I had to include it here.  Sadaf recommends combining slices of the frozen fruit with milk, honey and cinnamon or vanilla and then pureeing it in a blender for a creamy, refreshing smoothie.

Now it’s your turn: what are you drinking this summer?

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