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Life changes + 10 nutritious back-to-school snack ideas

10 nutritious back-to-school snack ideas | www.ricottaandradishes.com

It’s hard to believe it’s September already.  Time for a good old fashioned life update!

Well, here it is: I’m going to grad school.  Again.  I’m trying to be all calm, cool and collected, but the truth is I’m freaking out a little!

There are textbooks to pick up, Facebook groups to join and a new fall wardrobe to buy (ok, I added that part in.  But aren’t collegiate blazers and equestrian boots half the fun of campus life?)

When I graduated from my nutrition masters in 2009, I never thought I’d set foot again in a classroom. I remember that “done and done, time to get a job!” feeling.  Since then I’ve worked two different jobs at the same company, starting out as a scientific researcher and eventually transitioning into marketing.  Now I’m getting some “this is amazing, where do we go from here?” vibes.

I decided to do an MBA to make the most of my career and learn the ins ‘n’ outs of business.  It’ll be part-time (two classes per semester, including summers) so that I can still work my full-time job, which means I won’t graduate for another three years.

What will this mean for this blog? Not a whole lot will change, I hope. I’ll probably have to scale back my posting frequency, but I’ll still show up. I love cooking and sharing healthy meal ideas with you and I couldn’t imagine not doing that.  So!  Just thought I’d share that little tidbit about my life with you.

Now, back to the food!  In the spirit of the back-to-school season, I bring you a list of my favourite healthy snacks for school or work.  Everyone needs a little pick-me-up now and then, so why not make it a nutritious one?

10 nutritious back-to-school snack ideas

1. Pumpkin hummus

Pumpkin hummus - an easy, healthy fall appetizer! | www.ricottaandradishes.com

2. Greek yogurt ranch dip

Greek yogurt ranch dip

3. Hummus and carrot rye toasts

Hummus and carrot rye toasts - an easy, healthy snack! | www.ricottaandradishes.com

4. Mango cucumber salsa

Mango cucumber salsa

5. Grown up ants on a log 3 ways

Grown up ants on a log 3 ways - a simple but oh-so-fun snack for school or work! | www.ricottaandradishes.com

6. Banana kale strawberry smoothie

Healthy banana kale and strawberry smoothie | www.ricottaandradishes.com

7. Cucumber boats with Greek yogurt and everything bagel seasoning

Cucumber boats with Greek yogurt and everything bagel seasoning

8. Apple, goat cheese and honey crostini

Apple, goat cheese and honey crostini | www.ricottaandradishes.com

9. Spicy roasted chickpeas

Spicy roasted chickpeas - the perfect healthy snack! | www.ricottaandradishes.com

10. Mango guacamole

 Mango guacamole with baked tortilla chips | www.ricottaandradishes.com

What’s your favourite snack for school or work?

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  • Julia September 1, 2015, 1:07 pm

    Those ants on a log look super delicious!!

  • janet @ the taste space September 3, 2015, 2:53 pm

    Good luck with the back to school. Life is still an ongoing lesson but sometimes school can be a good thing. :) have fun!

  • Jo-Anna September 4, 2015, 1:10 pm

    Congratulations on going back to school – how exciting! And thank you for so many delicious snack ideas! I really need to work on serving up some new and healthy snacks for my kids when they get home…I’ll definitely be trying the pumpkin hummus!

  • Merry120 September 5, 2015, 3:41 pm

    The apple, goat cheese and honey crustini look amazing! I have to try that!

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